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Zei and Global Climate Initiatives have joined forces to create a global offer of digital services to facilitate and accelerate the ecological transition of companies and communities!

“Understanding and improving brands’ eco-responsible commitment is good

Measuring and reducing their GHG emissions* is better!”

This natural alliance between Zei and Global Climate Initiatives (GCI), two recognized leaders in digital services to reduce the environmental and societal impact of businesses was expected.

It offers the market a complete and educational solution, and competitively priced, enabled by the full digitalization of this type of historically expensive service.

Zei is the first platform that supports companies in improving and valuing their environmental and societal impacts, and helps consumers understand the commitment of brands. To help them consume better, Zei also enables consumers to discover hundreds of eco-responsible products and services.

GCI offers all organizations, from small businesses to large corporations and communities, the opportunity to establish their GHG Inventory online, independently and in full compliance with the Bilan Carbone® method recommended by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

They can thus identify and reduce their various emission items: “Democratize and Desacralize the GHG Inventory to be able to act all together for the Climate“.

Zei is thus a global platform for CSR, with this new alliance providing the best level of performance for measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of its customers and partners.

With this new CSR expertise, GCI completes the offer of its international network of GCI Approved Experts dedicated to helping companies reduce their environmental and societal impact.

(*) GHG: Greenhouse gases

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