FFBaD carries out its carbon footprint® on the GCI platform

The French Badminton Federation (FFBaD) has chosen GCI to assess the carbon footprint of its activities, as part of its commitment to social performance.

This dynamic partnership continues with the GHG assessment of 20 affiliated clubs, marking a significant step in the transition to a sustainable approach within the federation.

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ktCO2e emitted for the total activity of the federal headquarters in 2022.

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The French Badminton Federation (FFBad) is firmly committed to a social performance approach, focusing on four fundamental pillars: health, education, eco-responsibility and inclusion. This ambitious vision extends to all our regional structures, departmental committees and federated clubs.

With this in mind, the carbon footprint has emerged as an essential tool. Perceived as a concrete means of assessing and reducing environmental impact, the carbon footprint offers a comprehensive approach to measuring greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve this objective, the French Badminton Federation opted for the GCI platform. To best meet the federation's requirements, GCI developed a customized input mask, enabling them to calculate the federal headquarters' carbon footprint as accurately as possible.

The FFBaD project is continuing with the GHG assessment of 20 clubs and the introduction of a data entry mask adapted to the activities of structures affiliated to the French Badminton Federation.

Company presentation

The French Badminton Federation (FFBaD) is the governing body for badminton in France.

The main objective of this federation is :

  • pilot
  • encourage
  • organize
  • to regulate
  • and develop Badminton in France.

Interview with Benjamin GRIZBEC, Bad & Handicap / Eco-responsibility Project Manager

Benjamin GRIZBEC

Why did you decide to embark on a low-carbon transition?

The federation's political project aims to change the way the federation operates in order to move towards a low-carbon trajectory.

What are the key results of your carbon footprint®?

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Graph FFBaD

Graph: Results of the FFBaD head office's 2022 GHG assessment, grouped according to the different categories defined in the GCI questionnaire.

Do you think decarbonizing your organization will improve its competitiveness?

Our aim is to meet ministerial requirements and guidelines by promoting more responsible sport and raising awareness among our members and the general public.

Why choose the GCI platform?

GCI fits in with our project and with the resources our structures can devote to this approach.

How has this approach been presented and received by your teams and stakeholders?

Despite difficulties in collecting data, which means extra work, this approach has been well received by our teams and institutional partners.

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