Domestic Cookstove Project in Mozambique

Mozambique / Maputo - NATURE OFFER

This project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficiency and reducing consumption of fossil fuels and biomass in Maputo, Mozambique.



It provides for the replacement of 10,000 traditional cookstoves in the Chamanculo C and Xipamanine districts withhighly efficient cookstoves that result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, thereby protecting natural resources and improving the livelihoods of the local population.

The new technology reduces the amount of woody biomass consumed by up to 50%, reduces poverty in the area, and promotes efficient, safe and clean energy consumption. The project induces a lower risk of respiratory diseases due to smoke emission – the cookstoves consume less charcoal per family per day – and fewer injuries caused by exposure to open fires. Less time is needed for fuel purchasing and cooking activities, thus freeing up more time for other domestictasks such as caring for and educating children.

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