SANTA MARTA - Landfill gas (LFG) capture for electricity generation project

Chile / Santiago - SDGs+ OFFER

The Santa Marta Landfill Gas Capture project for Power Generation is a project to convert landfill gas into energy. The project involves the collection and use of landfill gas for electricity generation.



The Santa Marta Landfill Gas Project, located in one of the most important landfills in the Santiago region of Chile, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by capturing, flaring and generating electricity from the methane gas (LFG) produced at the landfill. The Santa Marta landfill spans over 700 acres and receives approximately 1.3 million metric tons of waste every year. The resulting LFG produces 28 MW of renewable energy into the regional grid.

This Gold Standard-certified project includes a plan to continuously support local communities through a nursery and day care in Lonquén, as well as investments in school infrastructure. This simultaneously creates new job opportunities for women staffing these facilities, and allows women working on the Santa Marta Landfill Gas Recovery Project to use the nursery while they are at work.

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