Turkey / Istanbul - EFFICIENCY OFFER

The project involves the development, and construction of two waste-to-energy facilities at both the Odayeri and Komurcuoda landfill sites.



Istanbul, home for its 14.1 million residents, is the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest in the world. Till 1995, the municipal waste was land filled to several landfill areas, however, since 1995, all the municipal waste in Istanbul is being disposed to two landfill areas:

Kömürcüoda, Landfill area located at the Asian side of the city contains more than 30 millions tons of municipal solid waste. The landfill is situated on 44 ha and is disposing approximately 6000 tons of municipal solid waste every day.

The Odayeri Landfill Area located at the European side of the city contains more than 55 million tons of
municipal solid waste. Situated on 90ha and disposing of 13,000 tons of municipal solid waste daily.

The total emission reductions are 8’597’737 tCO2e over first 7-year crediting period. Over the second 7-year crediting period, an estimated CO2
reduction of 5’731’884 tons is predicted.

The Project contributes significantly to the region’s sustainable development:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission in Turkey by replacing electricity otherwise generated by Turkish grid connected power plants, which is dominated by fossil fuel- based power plants.
  • Creation of local employment both during construction and operating phases. Latest report from Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) shows the unemployment rate as 12,6%.
  • Contribution to the development of waste management technology and LFG utilization in Turkey.
  • Reduction bad odors and risks of fires and explosions.
  • Reduction of impact of the landfill on its surroundings
  • Reduction of dependency on imported electricity

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