The origins of Global Climate Initiatives

A private international initiative bringing together various economic and scientific players. Its vocation is to offer all types of communities and companies, of all sectors and sizes, a platform of online services to calculate, reduce and contribute to their carbon footprint, in full compliance with the texts, benchmarks and standards of reference.

Historically a global specialist in greenhouse gas emissions in the transport industry as TK'BLUE, GCI has made its GHG emission inventory calculation software available for all kinds of businesses at a very competitive rate and with precise, concrete, and compliant benefits.

Created to meet the needs and requirements of companies

GCI is the full-service response to the needs of craftspeople, retailers, SMEs and large companies right up to major groups, who are all increasingly aware of their overall impact on the climate.

They want to commit to a GHG lowering approach, which is only growing in appeal on an ongoing basis.

They want to measure their carbon footprint to reduce it,
and eventually contribute to carbon projects.

One overall supplier

For a company, it is important to be able to work on the entire process: calculate + reduce + enroll suppliers + contribute with the same contact person.

Clarity and discipline

GCI offers a complete set of CRC tools (Calculate, Reduce, Contribute) with recognized labels for each step.

Its sector-based GGH emission calculators have been tried and tested since 2012, and are robust, exact, and compliant with the regulations and standards recognised for the 3 emission scopes for GHGs.

They are based on a methodology approved by experts and relevant scientists, and informed by professional criteria and tried and tested calculation methods.

A full range of optimisation advice and online tools

A full range of optimisation and tools online to share best practice with the aim of reducing GHG emissions: commit and organise to reduce.

Human-centred projects in line with your SDGs

GCI supports you in your commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals by proposing carbon contribution projects in line with your business sector and your environmental and societal strategy, giving meaning to your sustainable development actions.

For all types and sizes of companies

Supports the widest panel of users, of all sizes, and all industry sectors.

A complete vision of your climate and carbon strategy

A complete vision of what your company's climate and carbon strategy could look like, and the costs and benefits you should expect from it.

Differenciated and tailored offerings

Offerings suitable for your company's particular budgets, consulting requirements, use and implementation goals.

Our added value

The environmental rating agency TK'Blue has a ten-year track record at an international level as an innovator and leader in exact GHG emissions calculations in the transport and logistics sectors.

It has innovated once again by creating its GCI Climate Center, which broadens its field of expertise to include carbon footprint calculations for all types of activities and sizes of companies, and by selecting certified contribution projects associated with perfectly defined Sustainable Development Objectives.



Companies - from large to small - and organisations trust our offering.

+30 projects

carbon contribution programs that promote co-benefits and human values, developed around the world.

+90 experts

A network covering all areas of professional expertise in CSR and sustainable development in France and abroad

+20 years

expertise in measuring GHG emissions and supporting carbon contribution projects.


Icon sheet GCI

Clarity and credibility,

the Global Climate Initiative guarantees.

Global Climate Initiatives relies on a credible, trustworthy and transparent methodology, including the environmental and societal issues and assets of companies and organisations, based on internationally recognised criteria, approved by its scientific advisors.

ISO 14 064 standard

The questionnaires were drawn up by identifying the priority emissions items for each type of activity proposed by the platform, following the foundations of ISO 14 064, the reporting methods by scope, and using the existing professional application guides for each sector.

GHG Protocol

The bases are those applied under the GHG Protocol and GHG inventory®.

Base Carbone® (French only)

The Carbon Footprint® and the Beis-Defra, EcoInvent and Inies reference systems are used to select the emission factors associated with each of these items. These are updated periodically by GCI.


GHG emission calculations for transport are certified by Bureau Veritas (French decree), by the Smart Freight Center (GLEC reference) and comply with the European standard EN 16258.

Cen logo

European Committee for Standardization

Complies with the European standard CEN EN 16258: calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions

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GCI, TK'Blue Agency's Climate Unit, is also a member of the Association des Professionnels en Conseil Climat Énergie & Environnement (APCC).


GHG inventory® Association

GCI is a member of the GHG inventory® Association, which promotes and disseminates the GHG inventory® methodology.


UGAP-SCC referenced publisher

GCI is referenced in the UGAP multi-publisher catalog.
By using the UGAP, public customers secure and simplify their purchases.

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Open Carbon Practice

GCI is a member of the Open Carbon Practice, which brings together leading carbon experts to learn, share and create a common knowledge base through an open-source platform of exchange and resources.