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As part of our CSR approach, we have voluntarily committed to the realization of the Carbon Footprint of INELDEA Laboratories. To help us, we have chosen the GCI platform (Global Climate Initiative) allowing us to centralize all the data necessary for the realization of our assessment.

The realization of a Carbon Footprint is a complex and time-consuming process, and this tool allows us to simplify its deployment by providing forms adapted to different activities, automatic converters of data into GHG emissions, online support and assistance, as well as a complete report allowing us to identify avenues for reduction.

It is a complete tool, easy to use (the data is well structured by theme) and easy to understand thanks to the numerous descriptions of each theme that guide us step by step through the data to be collected.”

Mélanie DELAGE – Quality Manager

Laboratoires INELDEA

melanie delage
Laboratoire Ineldea

Design, manufacture and marketing of natural health products

47 employees

CARROS (Alpes-Maritimes)

“Managing a small business with 5 employees and 4.2 million euros in sales in the distribution of energy, animal feed, fertilizers and beverages, I wanted to determine our carbon impact and implement corrective and reduction measures, as well as measures to offset the GHGs emitted by our activities.

In half a day, I was able to complete the GCI calculation spreadsheet. Then, having received the missing information through GCI’s online support, I was able to complete my carbon footprint the next day!

With this first step, we were able to implement the ACT step by step approach developed by ADEME with the help of certified consultants.

Thus, although we work mainly with fossil fuels, the carbon assessment carried out by GCI and the ACT step-by-step approach developed by ADEME, allows us to consider a diversification towards renewable energies with more serenity.”

Bruno NEBOUT – President

Cattin Frères

Bruno Nebout
Cattin Freres

Distribution of energy, animal feed, fertilizers and beverages

5 employees


“For more than 25 years, the Bordeaux wine industry has been working to improve its practices and their distribution. Thanks to a will and a collective dynamic, we have implemented effective solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. In 2019, 65% of the Bordeaux vineyard was certified by an environmental approach.

The strategy of the sector is now based on 5 axes including the reduction of environmental impact and the anticipation of climate change. In this context, the realization of a GHG assessment is a crucial step, concerning producers, traders and suppliers of the sector.

Thank you to GCI for making this process easy and for providing us with steering tools to define and drive our low-carbon trajectory”

Juliette CHAMPAGNE – QHSE Manager

Groupe Dassault – Vignobles

Juliette Champagne
Groupe Dassault


30 employees


“There are many reasons why Chantier Naval Couach chose to do its carbon assessment with GCI.

First of all, the simplicity and ergonomics of the digital platform allow for a quick grasp and understanding of scopes 1 and 2, and therefore a quick data entry.

The digital nature of the calculator will also enable a better understanding of scope 3 issues and thus build a more virtuous ecosystem with our upstream and downstream partners.

Finally, and this is not insignificant for SMEs/SMIs coming out of containment, the very competitive cost of GCI reinforced our choice.”

François BRIN – CFO

Chantier Naval Couach

François BRIN
Chantier Naval Couach

Construction of ships and floating structures

180 employees


“I am a consultant and I support positive impact innovation projects. I adopted the GCI tool to carry out my greenhouse gas emissions assessments for its user-friendliness, simplicity and cost. Indeed, in order to guide the decisions of entrepreneurs towards a low-carbon operational trajectory, it is essential to be able to determine and update simply and quickly the orders of magnitude of the emissions generated not only by their own activities, but also by those of their suppliers, partners, service providers and even their customers!

These scope 3 emissions, too often ignored, represent a significant part of a company’s overall impact. To work on offers, on the choice of stakeholders, on processes, a simple and inexpensive measurement tool is needed, which can become a steering tool. The GCI calculator perfectly meets this objective, which is why I have adopted it and I take advantage of my consulting missions to have it adopted by as many people as possible.

Carbon neutrality only makes sense in a global sense. It does not stop at the limits of the company. The philosophy of the GCI tool is in total adequacy with this vision, allowing everyone, for a derisory amount, to participate in this vital objective.”

Jean-Christophe BAJOIT – Founder

Smart Innovation Management

Jean-Christophe BAJOIT
Smart Innovation Management

Consulting in innovation management and project management


ST-JEAN-DE-LUZ (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

“The solution developed by Global Climate Initiative answers perfectly to one of our major challenges of the moment: “to make accessible to all the GHG assessment”. As part of our progress approach, we have to make precise GHG emissions assessments for our own entities, and for more and more events and campaigns delivered by Hopscotch.

The classic calculators provided free of charge do not allow us to make accurate assessments, nor to draw progress trajectories and we do not have the time and money to rely on experts.

GCI’s digital platform, coupled with its consultants who can be called upon when necessary, is extremely simple and effective.”

Benoît DÉSVEAUX – General Manager


Benoit Désveaux

Consulting in digital communication, events, public relations and marketing services.

700 employees


“My first impression of the GCI calculator is its simplicity of use. Indeed, the platform is easily accessible via the Internet and the user path is didactic. For example, on each item of the questionnaire, it is specified whether it belongs to scope 1, 2 or 3 with detailed explanations.

The GCI service can be adapted to any type of IPT or large company and allows all establishments to be separated and consolidated independently (head office, warehouse, distribution center, factory).

In a few clicks, I was able to quickly evaluate the CO2 and GHG emissions of my own company and those of my clients, locate the most important emission factors and obtain relevant synthetic and/or detailed reports validated by a recognized agency based on validated criteria and coefficients.

Thanks to these reports (available in French or in English), the company can respond to the auditors’ request in the framework of the annual reports. In addition, it allows the company to define priority reduction areas and to initiate and follow up the most significant reduction actions. 

Some of my clients have been satisfied with the possibility of simulating their GHG declaration in order to immediately see the impact of a reduction measure (change of transport mode, new equipment, new product…). Finally, I can say that all of my customers were satisfied to be able to follow the progress made year by year and thus adapt their action plans.”

Thierry LESCUYER – Founder



Realization of Co2 inventory and coaching of companies.



“Recy’stem-Pro is an operator that assists manufacturers and importers, marketers, in fulfilling their obligations in terms of Extended Producer Responsibility for the management of their end-of-life products (batteries, WEEE, professional furniture waste…)

In order to complete its offer of assistance to its customers, it was natural to offer them a tool for calculating and reducing their CO2 emissions that is both complete and easy to use.

With this objective in mind, Recy’stem-Pro has entered into a partnership with Global Climate Initiatives in order to carry out its GHG assessment independently and to offer this complete service to its customers.

The tool is very practical and should be used by all companies that want to act for the climate!”

Emmanuel BEAUREPAIRE – Founder partner


Emmanuel Beaurepaire
Recystem Pro

Recovery of selected waste

20 employees

PARIS (Ile-de-France)

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