Décarbon'Achats rates

Involve your suppliers,
Decarbonize your Purchases

The Décarbon'Achats® solution enables :

  • Easily enroll your suppliers by offering them a free calculation of their PCF (Product Carbon Footprint).
  • Significantly improve the quality of your scope 3 data.

Features of the Décarbon'Achats® solution

Join hundreds of our customers

to commit to success in your low-carbon strategy.

Why decarbonize your purchasing with GCI?


Free for your suppliers

Suppliers can calculate their PCF free of charge, thus enhancing their Carbon Competitiveness® and facilitating the decarbonization of their customers' purchases.

Fun platform

Fun platform

Calculating PCFs is simple and iterative; the supplier is guided every step of the way by the GCI Academy (online help, Tool Tip, Videos, Tutorials, FAQ, Hot-line).


Total autonomy

You have a dedicated, efficient solution that enables you to gradually introduce Carbon Positive® discrimination in your purchasing, without any software constraints.


Fluid collaboration

Customers and suppliers manage and track their exchanges on the platform, collaborate and share best practices to reduce the supply chain's carbon footprint®.