Measure and improve your Carbon Competitiveness® thanks to the decarbonization of your Purchases

GCI is the only platform specializing in Scope 3 that guarantees you:

  • Total autonomy and theelaboration of an accurate and complete carbon footprint®.
  • A free service for your suppliers to calculate the "Carbon Weight" of their products and services (in accordance with ISO 14 067), essential to improve their and your Carbon Competitiveness®.
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Start your action plan to reduce your impact and Carbon Tax Base®.

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80 to 90% of your GHG emissions reduction potential lies in your purchasing!

Need to be accompanied by our GCI Carbon Experts and Engineers.

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Carry out your complete and compliant GHG assessment with the best quality-price ratio guaranteed.

Join hundreds of our customers

to commit to success in your low-carbon strategy.

Self sufficiency in carrying out your carbon inventory thanks for the GCI platform - in brief


The ideal and most accessible solution for calculating your organisation's carbon footprint and managing your decarbonisation strategy. Reducing your company's carbon footprint is bringing it to life.

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An approved and compliant GHG balance sheet

Protocols included:

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Involving your company in the fight against global warming also means improving your competitiveness and reconnecting business with life.

Become an agent of change and progress

Contribute objectively to the fight against climate change, and link professional and personal ethics to "do your part" in reducing GHG emissions.

Communicate and work together in complete transparency

Share your eco-responsible approach and federate all the internal and external actors of your ecosystem (employees, shareholders, customers, bankers, partners and authorities).

Reducing your carbon impact saves money

Detect and reduce waste and over-consumption (travel, packaging, transport, energy, etc.) to reduce emissions, and achieve substantial savings, greater than the cost of the GHG inventory!

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Decarbonise your activity to improve your carbon competitiveness

This constraint for large companies has immediate repercussions for all your suppliers, who will in turn be committed to reducing the "carbon weight" of their products and services.

Reduce your future carbon tax base

Get ready for a future carbon tax import (adopted by the 27 at the beginning of March 2022) and new taxes resulting from the new emission quotas decided by Europe in July 2021.

Respect and anticipate standards and regulations

  • Finance Law 2022
  • Decree 982 of July 1, 2022
  • Grenelle 2 law
  • ISO 14064, 14067, 14083 standards
  • GHG Protocol Methodologies
  • GHG inventory®
Smart carbon platform

The reference intelligent "carbon" platform

GCI, Greentech since 2011

The GCI SAAS solution was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and scientists who were co-editors of the Afnor Spec X43-072 and also edit the current world ISO14083 for transport GHG emissions calculations.


Identify and calculate your emissions, and carry out the GHG inventory of your company


Identify and precisely calculate your emissions to produce a useful and educational GHG inventory for your company,


Personalised input guide by type of activity.


Full support for Scopes 1, 2 and 3.


Selection of emission factors from reliable and recognized databases (Base Carbone®, EcoInvent, Inies, UK BEIS (Defra) and own factors calculated by your suppliers).


Calculations guaranteed to comply with ISO 14064, ISO 14067, the GHG inventory® method and the GHG Protocol.

Reduction action


Establish a decarbonisation strategy and action plan for your organisation's activities and purchasing


Dynamic analytical reporting (Waterfall) to detect priority avenues for reducing emissions and analyze the benefits.


Simulation, implementation and follow-up of action plans to define your strategy and lay out your low-carbon strategy.


Dynamic analysis of your low-carbon strategy and identification of reduction sources


Support available in the field by GCI accredited Experts to benefit from advice and best practices,


Include your suppliers and partners for free in the process of decarbonising your purchasing.


Invite your suppliers to calculate and integrate their own emission factors for the goods and services they sell to you on the GCI platform free of charge.


Take advantage of GCI sharing tools to develop the attractiveness of your company internally, to your employees, and externally, your suppliers and customers,


Improve your carbon competitiveness by choosing suppliers committed to supporting you in your decarbonisation commitment

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Carbon offset projects


Mitigate your global impact by contributing to certified carbon contribution programs


Access certified carbon contribution projects aligned with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


Finance human, social and innovative projects with a positive climate impact


Display and communicate on your commitment to action


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Modular and customisable tools

Aids in calculating accuracy and reducing GHG emissions. Personalised questionnaires by sector of activity and company size.

Complete didactic report, easy to share

All of the information entered benefits from the editor's comments to facilitate the sharing and understanding of the report

Eligibility of GHG inventory data

Compliant filing of the inventory on the Ademe website. All the criteria and formats are prepared for export with complete peace of mind.

Universality and conformity guaranteed

GHG balances that comply with international standards and regulations. Largest database of recognized emission factors in the world.

Easy to use
by neophytes

In 2 hours of video-training, any person will be able to perfectly appropriate the tools of the GCI platform.

and teamwork

Share the same account as a team, and thus allow everyone to enter their part according to their role and level of information in the company.

The GCI platform can be adapted to all company sizes and all sectors of activity

GCI Experts

Over 90 certified experts locally to support you in France and abroad

A network which includes all the required CSR and Sustainable Development skill sets and which can support you in your low carbon strategy development, and the implementation of your strategy in France and internationally.

They are committed and share their experience

Melanie Delage

Mélanie DELAGE - Quality Manager
INELDEA Laboratories

As part of our CSR approach, we have voluntarily committed to the realization of the Carbon Footprint of INELDEA Laboratories. To help us, we have chosen the GCI platform (Global Climate Initiatives) allowing us to centralize all the data needed to achieve our balance.

We are a member of :


Association for Low Carbon Transition

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National Purchasing Council


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