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How to better understand the carbon inventory?

To understand the definition of carbon inventory, it is necessary to understand what the term "carbon" means. Adaptation to climate change is necessary to respond to the emergency, but mitigation is essential to limit the costs of adaptation.

Carbon neutrality:

A key part of the international political agenda since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015, carbon neutrality is now a universal goal, in an attempt to keep global warming “well below 2°C” compared to pre-industrial levels.

Carbon offsetting :

Offsetting is the purchase of carbon credits from an emission reduction project carried out in a given territory, in relation to its own carbon footprint.

However, some companies are hostile to the idea, and only prepared to consider reforestation.

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Corporate energy transition is a major challenge that companies must share in thegoal of carbon neutrality by 2050, as set out in the Paris Agreement, and is primarily a process of decarbonizing corporate activities.

In order for this approach to be optimal, it is important for companies to draw up a GHG Inventory. This detailed accounting will allow any company to take stock of its emissions. This is a prerequisite for the construction of a reduction plan: quantitative reduction of consumption (reduction of waste) and choice of less carbon-intensive solutions, particularly in terms of energy.

A little history...

Historically, offsetting was born out of the 1995 Kyoto Protocol. It was first and foremost a way for countries that had made emission reduction commitments to be able to achieve them elsewhere, outside their own territory.

All countries in the world have made reduction commitments and therefore this differentiation no longer exists. Offsetting should therefore be pursued in the so-called developed countries.

Despite existing for over 10 years in France, offsetting still does not have neutral, consistent information suitable for all audiences. This is why Global Climate Initiatives, like many of the players already involved, offers educational information on the carbon offsetting mechanism.

Every citizen, company, local authority or event organiser can voluntarily offset their CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits from a carbon reduction and offsetting operator, a project that avoids CO2 emissions.

This is equivalent to all or part of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced, calculated according to a standardised system and using approved tools.

Carbon offsetting is a tool to further the environmental and energy transition. It incentivises financial support for the deployment of less emitting solutions.

Its carbon impact is minimal in terms of the climate as a whole, but through its transformational nature, an offset project plays its part in preserving our climate.

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