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The Logistics Innovation Awards by SITL

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TK'Blue Agency, Scallog, La Poste, Sightness, Isovation, Securitas France and Coldway Technologies are the seven winners in the seven categories of the 20th Innovation Awards presented virtually by SITL 2020. Eleven other companies were nominated.

The jury, composed of supply chain, logistics and purchasing directors, selected 32 applications and 18 start-ups.

The winners are:


      • TK'Blue Agency has won us over with its global GCI offer for calculating, reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint associated with the 17 sustainable development objectives.

      • Scallog is another winner with Flexytote, the robotic solution for multi-bin transfer operations in the warehouse.

      • Dock Innovation, a solution for automating inventory and volume calculations in outdoor storage areas and logistics facilities using computer vision based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

      • La Poste won an award for its logistical innovations in the city center to meet the need for speed of delivery.

      • Sightness also wins recognition with its SaaS solution for detecting transportation anomalies using artificial intelligence.

      • Isovation is a self-contained, combinable and reusable airplane-sized ¼ ULD insulated container that can accommodate a full pallet of heat-sensitive products.

      • Securitas France convinced with its Mobile Cam 3D, a mobile video surveillance service based on AI and LIDAR (laser remote sensing), to secure sensitive sites.

      • Coldway Technologies has presented a system for the manufacture of autonomous refrigeration systems by thermochemical sorption for all isothermal containers.

    The nominees are:


        • Ownest for its eCMR to manage transport documents.

        • Groupe Sterne for its 1-click web application, U-Print, which accelerates the distribution of their ginned mail.

        • MiR Robots and its MiR1000 model, designed for the automatic transport of pallets and other heavy loads up to 1000 kilos.

        • ProGlove for its smart gloves with integrated and miniaturized barcode readers

        • Bolloré Transport & Logistics for its real-time international tracking of shipments and asset integrity, thanks to IoT sensors and centralized alert management.

        • PAKi Logistics for its Drop&Drive allowing carriers and logistics service providers to deposit exchangeable pallets in the network.

        • STI - SALVO to avoid accidental unhooking of the trailers, through a simple coded key system connected to them.

        • Protect SmartWater France and its coded fog generator to protect property and mark burglars

        • Chéreau which industrializes hydrogen through the Chereau Hydrogen Power H2 range.

        • Koovea and its K-Tag slim, a smart and connected label to follow the temperature of biotechnologies around the world.

      The jury was composed of :


          • Eric Ballot, professor at the Ecole Des Mines de Paris

          • Xavier Derycke, Supply Chain Director, Rexel Group

          • Anne Grosset, Happy Chic logistics manager

          • Yves Moine, Supply Chain Director, Picard Frozen Foods

          • Gabriel Schumacher, Logistics Manager BSH Household Appliances

          • Hervé Leygnac, Cooper Logistics Manager

          • Dominique Luzuy, regional general manager Ermewa

          • Bertrand Regnauld, Supply Chain Director, Groupement des Mousquetaires

          • Olivier Theulle, Director of Operations, Fnac-Darty

          • Julien Morel, global head of supply chain Rimowa

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