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Green habits for industrial or commercial sites

Industrial sites

Undertake thermal improvement work on buildings

By improving the insulation of buildings, by favouring high energy efficiency heating and air conditioning systems, we can directly influence energy consumption and associated GHG emissions.

Educate employees on responsible daily actions

A policy of promoting eco-friendly practices among employees (limiting unnecessary business travel, recycling, limiting paper printing, using natural lighting, etc.) helps to limit emissions.

Similarly, a proactive policy to promote the use of public transport for commuting can limit the carbon footprint.

Develop a responsible purchasing policy

By integrating a responsible purchasing policy, including the impact of upstream and downstream transport, it is possible to identify levers for reducing GHG emissions.

Favouring carriers that are committed to a CSR approach

Choosing a carrier that is committed to a CSR approach ensures that the carrier has taken action in favor of the environment and that it has integrated eco-friendly practices into its activities.

Carry out your company's carbon inventory with the CGI platform

Carbon offset projects