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The carbon footprint becomes essential to the expert

🎬 Interview with Bruno Carlier, President of Mercuroo

Can you introduce yourself and your activity?

I am Bruno Carlier, President of Mercuroo. Mercuroo is an export business engineering company dedicated to companies and organizations in the "smart and sustainable city" sector, respectful of the environment.

Why are you interested in carbon footprinting?

I must participate in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming out of respect for future generations. In this respect, the first step is to measure our carbon footprint in order to understand and implement ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Why did you choose the GCI platform?

For 4 reasons. The first is that I was looking for a stand-alone solution that was very operational, 24 hours a day.

The second is that I was looking for a competitive solution for my small business. The third is that since I do a lot of exporting, I needed to do carbon assessments for my clients in English. The international dimension of the GCI platform allows this. And finally, the fourth reason, of course, is the ergonomic aspect, the online help, the collaborative aspect that the GCI tool allows which is very interesting. 

Do you support companies in developing their carbon strategy?

Not only companies, but also some local authorities, mainly at the international level. Many companies that respond to public or private calls for tender internationally, their clients ask them for a carbon footprint. These companies never have one, especially in English. I help them to do their carbon footprint in English and at that time, the companies can respond to calls for tender because it is an eliminatory data if they do not have this carbon footprint

What would you tell an entrepreneur to do the carbon footprint of his business?

I will say exactly the same thing that happened to me. I wanted to answer a public tender and I could not answer because I had not done my carbon footprint. It was a mandatory data to be able to answer, first thing. The second thing is that there are going to be more and more requests from the principals, from the clients of these companies to carry out these carbon assessments. So it's an obligation. Then there is an obligation of the law which will arrive more and more. Doing a carbon footprint is preparing for a future carbon tax. The most important thing is as for my company, to have its carbon footprint is to ask the right questions, to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and this will be virtuous for the company's balance sheet in the end.

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