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🎬 Interview with Philippe Mangeard, President of Global Climate Initiatives

Can you introduce yourself and GCI's activity?

Hello, my name is Philippe Mangeard. With a number of friends and partners, we have launched this initiative to identify and calculate greenhouse gas emissions, in order to establish a carbon footprint, but above all to establish reduction plans that will allow everyone to take their part in the necessary reduction of GHG emissions in the climate crisis that is looming before us.

The result today is Global Climate Initiatives, agreentech company and undisputed market leader, and quite naturally so. We started ten years ago. Just three years ago, we were the only digital platform offering this kind of service.

Today, half a dozen start-ups have launched, which clearly shows that the market has evolved and that today we need to move in this digital direction. Let me remind you thatGCI's carbon footprint has been around for over 15 years.

For over fifteen years, it has mainly been aimed at very large companies and local authorities. Today, the demand from SMEs, VSEs, ETIs and local authorities in general is to be able to appropriate this carbon footprint, to be able to do it alone, in full compliance, in all its complexity, which is becoming simpler thanks to digital tools, while avoiding the trap of greenwashing.

It is also an opportunity for these companies toestablish a carbon strategy and gain in energy efficiency thanks to GCI know-how and technology.

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