The project is located in North America. This project is an energy recovery of landfill gas through a major upgrade and expansion of the landfill gas collection system.

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Treatment and disposal of waste


North America

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The Fulton County Mud Road Sanitary Landfill is located in the Town of Johnstown, and is situated on 650 acres of land, with 30 acres of active landfill that also has an additional 8.5 acre constructed expansion available for refuse in the future. The landfill consists of a two cell 11 acre initial construction project, one cell 5.1 acre first expansion, two cell 9-acre second expansion and a three cell 13.5 acre third expansion. In 2009, the landfill capped 8.5 acres on the side-slopes of the first cell.

In 2007, major upgrades and expansions to the existing landfill gas collection system were undertaken in order to produce enough landfill gas of sufficient quality for sale to a landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) plant. The County’s energy partner, IES, began construction of the landfill gas to energy plant in July 2009 and began operating the plant in June 2010.

The LFGTE plant combusts all of the landfill gas collected. Thus, the project activity leads to an emission reduction of 365’720 tCO2e for the chosen crediting period of 10 years with the annual average emission reduction of 36’572 tCO2e.

Conforms to UN SDGs


Advantages of this project


To achieve GHG emissions reductions through the collection and destruction of methane from the landfill, which converts the methane to carbon dioxide and prevents the methane from being vented to the atmosphere.​


Creation of local employment both during construction and operating phases.​


Contribution to the development of waste management technology ​


Reduction bad odors and risks of fires and explosions.​​

Reduction of impact of the landfill on its surroundings​

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