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DERICHEOURG Multiservices and Global Climate Initiatives (GCI) sign a long-term partnership

The local global player once again confirms its commitment to CSR, which is increasingly focused on its customers.

Having become a GCI Accredited Expert, this leading operator of outsourced services to 15,000 corporate and local authority clients, is thus evolving its value proposition towards a carbon-free service.

Delphine Esculier, CSR Director of DERICHEBOURG Multiservices explains: “We are committed to the fight against global warming and it seemed obvious to us to offer such a range of services to our clients, who are also demanding and committed. The objective is to support them in a new approach, while maintaining a quality response to their initial needs.”

Improving environmental performance for all clients is a major challenge. From now on, in concrete terms, the objective with GCI is to deploy all the necessary measures to achieve carbon neutrality within the framework of each service.

Three steps are essential. First of all, the measurement of the service’s greenhouse gas emissions: this assessment is carried out by certified experts using GCI’s calculation tools.

Phase 2 consists of developing the progress plan and setting up the services that will reduce these emissions: waste supply, energy performance supply, etc. Finally, the emissions that cannot be reduced will be offset by financing projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in different parts of the world.

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