Five years ago, the Paris Climate Agreements were signed.

The fight against greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions remains a major challenge for all economic agents.

Simplify and widely spread the GHG Inventory to Companies: THE “WINNING CLIMATE” AMBITION OF LCL AND GCI

On the eve of the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement, LCL SmartBusiness welcomes a new partner, Global Climate Initiatives (GCI), to launch the first online solution for its corporate customers to establish their GHG Inventory independently, at low cost and in full compliance.

The platform developed by GCI enables any type of company, in any sector and of any size (SMEs, ETIs, SMEs), to access online services designed to measure and understand its carbon footprint to reduce it, possibly including offsetting actions. All these steps are of course carried out in accordance with the standards and regulations in force.

  1. Measuring its footprint. Depending on their sector of activity, companies access a personalized questionnaire directly on the platform. Once this questionnaire is completed, greenhouse gas emissions are automatically calculated and broken down into the 3 regulatory scopes of direct and indirect emissions.
    The GCI calculator has been tried and complies with the regulations (Grenelle II law), standards (ISO 14064-1) and methodologies (Bilan Carbone® Association and GHG Protocol) in force.
  2. Understanding its GHG Inventory. The resulting report provides an overall and detailed assessment of emissions by item and scope (direct or indirect). It enables the company to identify the items with the highest emissions, to define the potential reduction paths and schedule and to have a better visibility of the reduction strategy that it will be able to implement and manage.
  3. Offsetting your carbon footprint. Depending on the company’s strategic choices, the GCI platform also offers certified carbon offsetting projects to offset incompressible direct or indirect emissions. A dedicated expert can assist clients in the different program choices in relation to the desired Sustainable Development Goals.

LCL’s corporate account managers will introduce GCI’s offer to their SME and ETI customers beginning in early 2021.

A few days before the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreements, LCL is particularly pleased to welcome Global Climate Initiatives to its “LCL SmartBusiness” Open-Banking program. GCI, a digital tool entirely dedicated to measuring and reducing CO2 emissions, is the latest addition to the ecosystem that LCL is making available to its SME and ETI customers to support them in the immense challenge of combating global warming. Tomorrow’s carbon footprint will be one of the most watched markers in their interactions with the rest of the world” Olivier NICOLAS, Member of the Executive Board, in charge of the Corporate and Institutional Market at LCL.

This partnership with LCL allows us to reinforce our ambition of a “GHG Inventory for all”. It is essential that all the players, from small businesses to large groups, are committed if we are to have any chance of limiting global warming. LCL knows companies inside out and will therefore be a great ambassador to support them in this essential transition for our future” Philippe MANGEARD, Chairman and Founder of GCI.

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